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October 26, 2016

Leave Behind More Than Your DNA

My interest in family history began long before I realized it would become a passion of mine. I try hard to live life with no regrets […]
October 21, 2016
Teaching you parents technology doesn't have to be frustrating

5 Tips All of Us Should Know When Teaching Our Parents and Grand Parents New Technology

I say this with the sincerest intentions and a heart to teach and empower the elderly with this new technology…Please stop buying your parents and grand […]
October 12, 2016

Touch Screen Stylus Pen

A Stylus Pen – The #1 Accessory EVERY Senior Needs For Their Touch Screen Device What is a Stylus Pen for Touch Screen Devices? I could […]
August 24, 2016

How to Block Someone on Facebook

No matter what your reason is for wanting to block someone on Facebook, the great thing is…you can. When Blocking someone on Facebook they will no longer […]