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  1. Hi – Love your tutorials, greatly appreciated. Per above: (I’m with Rose on the home being your refuge).
    ** I did find out how you can turn Alexa off from listening in as well as hide the camera from her.
    Q: How do I do this? and Do I also do this on the device? Echo 10

    1. Audrey Ostoyic says:

      Hey there Sandra, I never got a notification that you commented. So sorry about that. On the Echo 10 you should have a toggle switch at the top right of the screen. If you switch that to the right it will disable the camera altogether. To stop the device from listening in you will simply click on the button (circle with a line through it) beside your volume up and down at the top of the screen. Just be sure to turn that back on when you want Alexa to perform a skill for you. 😉
      How do you like the Echo 10? I have the Echo 8 and will be upgrading soon to keep up with all this new technology.
      Be Blessed,