How is Technology Helping the Elderly Overcome Loneliness

How technology is helping the elderly overcome loneliness

Technology is connecting the elderly with their loved ones and helping to overcome loneliness.  The senior population is rapidly accepting the use of the internet. In fact, internet adoption has more than tripled in the past two decades. The Pew Research Center reports that only 14 percent of seniors had internet in their homes in […]

How to Use Loom Recording a Free Screen & Video Recording Software

How to Use Loom - a Free Screen recording software

Record your Screen and Video for FREE with the Loom In this video, I want to show you a great Google Chrome extension that will record your screen and your video camera for Free. Whether you are a coach, a course creator or just want to guide a friend or a family member, like in […]

Leave Behind More Than Your DNA

My interest in family history began long before I realized it would become a passion of mine. I try hard to live life with no regrets but I have to admit I regret not documenting my family history better when my grandparents were alive to answer questions and share stories. Neither my mom nor my […]