Facebook Course for Beginners

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Facebook Tutorial for Seniors and Beginners

This completely FREE Facebook Tutorial for Seniors is a Video Course that will walk you through everything you need to know about Facebook. Plus even things you didn’t know you could do on this Social Media Site. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Facebook Basics
  • How to create your free account and how to log in and out of the account
  • Find old friends and family members to stay connected with
  • Learn how to Private message your friends
  • How to add images and videos if you choose
  • How to update your profile and cover photos

    …and a lot more!

These video tutorials are best viewed in order starting from the top working your way down. Each video builds on concepts covered in the previous video.

This Facebook Course is up to date for 2022!

Lots of updated videos are being added throughout 2022 so stay tuned. 

Basics of Facebook

Facebook Settings & Privacy

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Groups