Skype Course for Beginners (Seniors & Baby Boomers)

Skype is a wonderful way for you to stay connected with your Family and Friends through video calling, quick chats, and being able to send files to one another. Often used for business, Skype has also been a favorite platform used to keep grandparents and grandchildren connected when living so far apart. 

This Video Course will walk you through everything you need to know about Skype.

You’ll Learn:

  • What is Skype and how can it help you stay connected to family
  • Create your account and how to log in and out
  • Connect with your family and friends and start video chatting with them
  • Send instant message while on your computer, laptop, or phone
  • See those grandbabies in real-time with video calling

These video tutorials are best viewed in order starting from the top working your way down. Each video builds on concepts covered in the previous video.

This Skype Course is up to date for 2021!