Best Gift Ideas for Seniors 2021

Best Gift Ideas for Seniors in Your Life

What better way to find the best gift ideas for seniors in your life than to have your Dad, who just happens to be a senior himself and lives in a retirement home, to help you on this quest. I really wanted to find out from the senior themselves what has been the best present […]

Alexa for Seniors

Alexa for Seniors - 15 Practical, Fun Ways Seniors can use Alexa

Alexa for Seniors – Practical & Fun Ways for Seniors to use Alexa and stay connected to family and friends The other day I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, Rose, from Assisted Living Made Simple. You see Rose, helps families find their loved ones forever homes whether that be in assisted […]

Music Player for Elderly With Dementia or Alzheimers

Music Player for Elderly

I’ll never forget the scene in the movie “The Notebook” where Allie who suffers from Alzheimers in her older years and Noah, dance to a song that was back in their era. Allie, remembers Noah, if only for a moment, and they dance together one last time before her memory is lost again. If you […]

Best Tablet Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Best Tablet Accessories for iPad and Android Tablets

Coming up with this list of best tablet accessories was so much fun! Especially because I got to purchase some of these things for the different tablet I have. With all the training I do for the baby boomers and seniors I have to have these tablets on hand to be able to answer their […]

Touch Screen Stylus Pen

A Touch Screen Stylus Pen – The #1 Accessory EVERY Senior Needs For Their Device   What is a Stylus Pen for Touch Screen Devices? I could give you the technical definition of a stylus pen but I think it’s best if I put it in my own words. A Stylus Pen works by touch […]

Best Large Print Keyboards for Seniors using PC’s

Dad and I have been working on putting together some tips for our clients on how to have a successful training class. In the process, we realized that one of the most important tips we can give is the type of software and hardware we use for our Hands on Training classes. As Dad was […]