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What is a Share

Sharing simply means that you want your friends to know the things that mean the most to you. Whether it be something you’re interested in like cooking or dancing, photos of your children or Grandchildren, something that made you laugh and you want to pass it on. You can do that by “Sharing” on Facebook.


When you want to share a specific Post, you will click on the ‘Share’ option directly underneath that post.


You’ll have three options to choose from:

Written Tutorial


Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Share Now (Public) – this option will automatically send out the post into the News Feed of all your friends. You do not have the ability to add any thoughts to the post.

Share – choose this when you want to specify who you want to share the post with and/or if you want to write anything that adds to the post.

When you choose Share you have the ability to choose who you want to share the post with.

On your own Timeline – this will go out in the News Feed of all of your friends as well as your Timeline.

On a friend’s Timeline – you can share directly to another friend’s Timeline. Your friend’s Facebook privacy setting will determine who can see the post you have shared.

In a group – If you are part of any groups, you can share that post only to a specific group.

On a Page you manage – If you manage a Business Page, you can share via your Business Page.

In a Private message – Finally, you can share that post in a Private Message with a specific friend.

Send as Message – You can send the post to a friend in a Private message right from this third option.

Before you publish the share, you still have the option to tag a friend, share your location or share emotion with the post.

You can then choose your target audience and click, Share.

When you make a Public status update, anyone on Facebook can view, like, comment or share that update. By selecting, “Friends” that limits who can interact with or share your posts to only friends.

If a friend shares one of your posts, your original privacy settings still apply, and only the friends that you have in common with that person will be able to view the shared post

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