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What is a Comment

When commenting on a post you are basically starting a conversation with that friend or Business page that shared the post. Not only will you be able to communicate with the person who started the post but you can also engage with other’s that are commenting on that post as well.

Your second way to interact with posts after Like, is to Comment.

Click on Comment, or click within the “Write a Comment” box and start typing. You can also post photos or stickers in a comment by clicking on the camera or smiley face icons to the write of the box.

Written Tutorial

Hit enter to post your comment.

The original post’s privacy settings control who can see your comment.

You can comment on any post that you see on your friend’s or a public page’s timeline. Your comments will cause the post to show up in the News Feed of mutual friends.

You can always edit or delete a comment that you have made by hovering over the comment and clicking on the pencil icon that shows up on the right corner.

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