How to Use Loom Recording a Free Screen & Video Recording Software

How to Use Loom Recording a Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Record your Screen and Video for FREE with the Loom

In this video, I want to show you a great Google Chrome extension that will record your screen and your video camera for Free.

Whether you are a coach, a course creator or just want to guide a friend or a family member, like in my case, through a craft project, this is a very useful tool for you.

Loom Screen Recorder is a free video recording extension that allows you to record up to 100 videos with no time limit on the length of your videos.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

How to download the Loom Extension

On Google, search for “Loom on Google Chrome”, click on the web store and download it. 

This is what your plug-in icon will look like:

How to use Loom Recording:

Open Loom by clicking on it.

On the sidebar, you will have the recording options. You can choose to record the Screen+Camera, Screen Only or Camera Only. If you don’t want to record yourself live, you have an option to put a nice picture of you instead.

With the Screen+Cam option, you can choose to record with the Full Desktop setting. This means that it will record the whole desktop background and any other tabs you have open. If you select Current Tab, this will record the tab you are working on only.

In the sidebar options, you can turn your Microphone Audio on and off and choose your Microphone Source. You can also choose your camera source and have the possibility to flip your Camera too.

The Control Menu, as well as a Recording Countdown, can be turned on from the relevant switches.

Your Camera circle can be set to a small, medium and large size and it can be moved to a different part of the screen according to your preference.

You are now ready to start recording. Click on the start recording button and you will be asked right away if you wish to record Your Entire Screen or the Application Window only. Remember that when you select “Application Window”, if there are more tabs open on the same application, it will record all the tabs.

When you start recording, you will see the Red Record Circle in the corner of your tab, if you hop on to the other tab, that circle will move with you.

From the Control Menu next to your camera you can choose X to cancel your video completely. The Pause button will let you pause your video and continue it later. The Red Play button is your finish recording button.

When you click your Finish Recording button, you will be redirected to an options screen. 

Here, you can send your video to someone, share it with a link. You can also add a password to the link that you are sharing with anybody. Another option is to change the privacy settings of your video. You can make it private or public. If you do decide to select public, your video will appear on google search. With the Pro Version, you can even add a call-to-action as well.

The Paid upgrade is $10/person/month

In the final page, you will also see a few options where you can edit your video. You can turn off the comments so nobody can comment on your video. If you choose to keep the comments on, you will be notified by email every time someone comments on your video.

You have an Emoji Reaction option. From this section, you can select whether you would like to allow your viewers to download the video and view your analytics.

Finally, click Save to save all the options and publish your new video.

How to Download Loom Videos

You can now download your video and perhaps upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. Your next option is if you want to delete the video completely. And you can Share your video to your social media platforms or embed it into a website. You also have a send to Slack button if you want to share it there.

How to Download your recorded video on Loom

That’s it! You have officially become a master at how to use Loom! What are your thoughts on it? Are you just using the Free Version of it or did you jump in and get the Pro Version?


Send a Photo Through Skype

Send a Photo Through Skype

How to Send a Photo Through Skype

Being able to share photos of the kids, grandchildren or your dream vacation with family and friends is priceless. Being able to share those photos instantly with your loved ones while being half way across the world is even better.

Written Tutorial

In order to send a photo to a contact, you’ll first want to locate and tap on the name of the person you want to send an image to, on the left-hand side of your screen.

You should see the conversation between you two on the right. At the bottom of your conversation you’ll see a paper clip icon, click on that and then you’ll see the following icons. Click on the icon furthest to the left (circled in the picture below)

Skype will open up the folders on your computer where you can find the image you want to send. Click on the image then click on Open.

(NOTE: As soon as you Click on Open, Skype will automatically send that image to the person you chose)

In order to receive images from a contact, there is nothing you have to do. They will go through the same steps above and it will appear in your conversations.

Just Getting Started on Skype?

Making a Skype Video Call

Making a Skype Video Call

How to Make a Skype Video Call

Now that you have downloaded, installed, made an account, uploaded your profile picture and found your family and friends, let’s have some fun and make a video call. 

Written Tutorial

In this video tutorial, you’ll watch me as I video call my dad who is up in Gulfport, MS while I’m down here in the sunshine state of Florida.

NOTE: If you or your contact do not have a camera either built into your computer or have an external one then you will not be able to video call one another.

First things first are you need to find the person who you want to connect with. You’ll notice on the left-hand side of your screen you have Contacted and Recent.

Contacts: This is a list of every one of the contacts you have on Skype
Recent: This is a list of those you have recently communicated with on Skype

Choose which list you know your contact is on and when you find the person you want to video call simply click on their name. You will then get this little icon located at the top right that looks like a video camera.

Click on the Video Camera icon.

Once that person answers your video call they are able to see you and you are able to see them.

Let’s go through each of these icons you’ll notice on the screen.

  1. Full Screen – This allows you to make everything else go away on Skype and be able to see your loved one a lot closer.
  2. Video on/off – By clicking this icon you can turn your video on or off
  3. Mute button – If you wanted to mute yourself and not allow the other person to hear what you are saying you would choose this icon
  4. Adding people/Send file and more – You have the ability to add people to your call so you can talk to several people at a time
  5. Hanging up – This red button is what you’ll click when you want to end the call and hang up with that person
  6. Instant Messaging – By clicking this icon you’ll get a little chat window that pops up and will allow you to
  7. Your image – This is what you look like when talking to your contact

Just Getting Started on Skype?

Sending an Instant Message on Skype

Sending an Instant Message on Skype

How to Send an Instant Message (IM) on Skype

Instant Messaging or IM for short, simply put, is a way to instantly communicate through text with a person. Unlike email, instant messaging gives you the ability to know if the other person is sitting in front of the computer receiving your messages or not. If they are, they can reply instantly.

Written Tutorial

Find the person that you would like to send a message to and tap on their name on the left-hand side of your screen.

Over to the right is where you can see the conversations you’ve had with that contact.

In order to send them a message you would simply click within the box that says “Type a message here” and start typing your message. When you’re done you can either press the enter key on your keyboard or the blue looking airplane.

You’ll notice when the person is typing back because it will say “So and So is typing…” When they send you their reply you’ll see it to the left in the conversation window while you’re replies are to the right.

Just Getting Started on Skype?

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