Alexa for Seniors

Alexa for Seniors - 15 Practical, Fun Ways Seniors can use Alexa

Alexa for Seniors – Practical & Fun Ways for Seniors to use Alexa and stay connected to family and friends The other day I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, Rose, from Assisted Living Made Simple. You see Rose, helps families find their loved ones forever homes whether that be in assisted […]

How to Download All Photos From Facebook – Plus Individual Photos & Albums

How to download all your images off of facebook

How to download photos from Facebook In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to download your photos from Facebook. I am going to show you 3 ways that you can do this, depending on what you need, I will show you how: Download an individual photo Download a whole photo album Download ALL your photos and […]

Best Gift Ideas for Seniors

Best Gift Ideas for Seniors in Your Life

What better way to find the best gift ideas for seniors in your life than to have your Dad, who just happens to be a senior himself and lives in a retirement home, to help you on this quest. I really wanted to find out from the senior themselves what has been the best present […]

Music Player for Elderly With Dementia or Alzheimers

Music Player for Elderly

I’ll never forget the scene in the movie “The Notebook” where Allie who suffers from Alzheimers in her older years and Noah, dance to a song that was back in their era. Allie, remembers Noah, if only for a moment, and they dance together one last time before her memory is lost again. If you […]

How to Block Someone on Pinterest

How to Block Someone on Pinterest

How to Block Someone on Pinterest There are just some moments in life that all you can do is block someone that may be harassing you or you just don’t want to see their stuff in your feed. For these times, Pinterest allows you to block those people that may not be bringing you peace […]

How to Delete a Pin or Board on Pinterest

Deleting a Pin or Board on Pinterest

How to Delete a Pin or Board on Pinterest Whether you’re cleaning up your boards or you’ve realized the web page you pinned no longer exist, there are just times you’ll want to delete a pin or an entire board from your Pinterest account. In this video I’ll show you the quckiest way to get […]

Pinterest Account Settings

Account Settings - Change Email, Password, and Delete Account

Pinterest Account Settings: Change Password, Email Address and Learn How to Delete Your Pinterest Account. If you need to change your password, your email address, deactivate account or even convert your personal account to a business one, then Pinterest’s Account Settings is where you’ll need to head to. Previous Lesson Next Lesson

How to Make Pinterest Private

How to Make Pinterest Private

How to Make Pinterest Private (Boards & Pins) For those times that you want to pin stuff to a board or keep a board completely private, this tutorial will help you. From planning baby & wedding showers to surprise birthday’s or anniversaries, keeping these boards/pins private will help you keep things organized. Previous Lesson Next […]

How to Create a Board on Pinterest

How to Create a Board on Pinterest

How to Create a Board on Pinterest Now that you’re a little bit more familiar with Pinterest, let’s get a board created so that you can start pinning your favorite things to it. Previous Lesson Next Lesson

Find and Follow Boards That Interest You

Find and Follow Boards the Interest You on Pinterest

Find and Follow Boards That Interest You so that you can see what other’s are pinning When you come across a really good board that has some amazing pins that resonate with you, you’ll definitely want to follow that board. In this tutoral I’ll walk you through how to find and follow boards that interest […]