How to Download All Photos From Facebook – Plus Individual Photos & Albums

How to download all your images off of facebook

How to download photos from Facebook In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to download your photos from Facebook. I am going to show you 3 ways that you can do this, depending on what you need, I will show you how: Download an individual photo Download a whole photo album Download ALL your photos and […]

How to Share a Post on Facebook

How to share a post on Facebook

How to Share a Post on Facebook with Friends When you share a post or what is also known as a status update, this is what will go out in the News Feed of your friends on Facebook letting them know what you are up to. This is how you get conversations started on Facebook […]

What does Tagging Mean on Facebook?

What does tagging mean on Facebook

What does it really mean to tag someone or be tagged on Facebook? When you tag someone in a status update, photo, video or comment you are basically getting their attention and letting them know you want them to see what you are tagging them in. By tagging them you are actually creating a link […]

How to Add Photos to Facebook

How to Add Photos on Facebook

Add Photos to Facebook the super simple way Adding a photo to Facebook might seem like it takes a lot of work but to be quite honest it’s one of the easiest and quickest things to do. Especially if you’ve watched the majority of the video tutorials because you’re getting familiar with Facebook and how […]

Creating Album on Facebook & Adding Multiple Photos

How to Create an Album on Facebook

Adding Multiple Photos and Creating an Album In this video I walk you through adding multiple images to Facebook as well as how to create an album and add multiple images to it. You’ll also learn about sharing that Album with other and allowing them to add photos to the album as well. Written […]

How to Share a Photo With a Friend on Facebook

How to share a photo with a friend on facebook

Adding a Photo to a friend’s Timeline Sometimes you just want to post a photo to a friend’s timeline and not share it with all of your friends. Go to your friend’s Profile Page. Written Tutorial Click on “Photo/Video” located at the top of her Timeline over to the right. Click on the plus […]

Overview of Facebook Messenger

Overview of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger: Overview of Messenger Step inside this video tutorial and look over my shoulder as I show you around the Messenger app. You’ll find out where the settings are located, where to view messages, where to go to write a message, recognizing the icons for voice calling and video chatting and oh so much […]

Facebook Messenger: Overall Settings

Facebook Messenger Settings

Facebook Messenger: Overall Settings In this video we will dive deep into the Messenger settings and discuss what it all means. Written Tutorial Previous Lesson Next Lesson Just Getting Started on Facebook? View the Complete Course

Facebook Messenger Chat, Text, and Stickers

Facebook Messenger - Text, chat, and stickers

Facebook Messenger: Chat/Text/Stickers Sending an Instant message use to be about just typing out your message and hitting that send button. Now you’re able to send stickers, moving pictures, send money, play games, send photos and files and much more. Let’s jump right here to this video tutorial and I’ll show you how to do […]

How to Send Money on Facebook Messenger

How to Send Money on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger: Send Photos, Files, and Money Facebook is probably the last place you would think to send money through but it’s becoming more and more common nowadays. Of course, there are things you need to know BEFORE you send that money and that is what you’ll learn in this video. Previous Lesson Next […]