How to Create a new Facebook Account

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Creating a New Facebook Account is super simple and quick

Before beginning the process of creating a new Facebook Account, be sure to have a valid email address and have access to that email address.

Go to and on the right, under Sign Up, begin typing your information in the specified fields.

Sign up page for Facebook

Once you have filled in all your information click on the Green Sign Up button.

NOTE: When choosing your password, it is highly recommended to pick a strong password, which includes both upper and lower case letter, along with numbers and characters. Be sure you choose one that you will remember and be sure to write it down to keep in a safe and secure place.

Example of a Strong password: MmLjNt2@5%$4tNjLmM

Step 1: Find Your Friends

Once you have signed up, you have the option of allowing Facebook to find friends for you based on your email contacts. You can choose to skip this step if you would like.

Filling in information for new Facebook Account

Step 2: Fill Out Info

Here you can begin providing some of your basic information such as Current City, Hometown, High School, College University and Employer. You are not required to fill every one of these out and you can even choose to skip this step for now and can always go back later. If you do decide to provide any of this information, by clicking the globe on the right, you have control over who will be able to see it.

Fill out information for new Facebook Account

Step 3: Add Profile Picture

You can either take a picture with a webcam or upload a photo of yourself that has been saved in your computer. We will be diving deeper into this later on, so you may skip this step as well if you would like.

Add profile picture to new Facebook Account

Finally, Facebook will send you an email to confirm the sign-up process. You will need to log into the email account that you signed up with. Find the email and open it up. Once it is open, you will click Confirm Account. This will bring you back to Facebook and you are now ready to use it.

Just Getting Started on Facebook?

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