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How to Share a Post on Facebook with Friends

When you share a post or what is also known as a status update, this is what will go out in the News Feed of your friends on Facebook letting them know what you are up to. This is how you get conversations started on Facebook and really is the foundation of Facebook…connecting with your friends and family.

Written Tutorial

  1. Go to Home Page and click inside the “Update Status” Box. Type your status update.

Utilizing the small icons on the bottom of the Update Status box.

Add Photos to your post – This allows you to add photos to your post and share them with your friends on Facebook

Tag people in your post – When you tag someone in your status update, they will get a notification that they have been tagged in your status and the post will show up on both timelines. Keep in mind, if you tag someone in a post, all of their friends will be able to see the post, even if you aren’t friends with them yourself.

Add what you’re doing or feeling – This option allows you to let your friends know how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.

Check in – This allows you to check in to the places you visit or add your location so that your friends can see where you’re at. te where you are updating from.

Once you are ready to post your status, you can then select the viewing audience for that specific post. The public setting will allow anyone to see what you are about to post, even if they aren’t friends with you.


Click Post!

That status has now been published into the News Feed of all of your friends, as well as onto your personal Timeline. Your selected audience can now interact with that post by liking, commenting on or sharing it.

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