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  1. Audrey, love your videos. Very helpful. I have been using FB a long time but grunt through posts and make it work, I have a lot of other things going on so have never spent too much time with it. The thing with your videos is that they are all easy to watch and nicely organized and it helps when there is a nice face attached and afriendly voice 🙂
    My site is:
    What I am trying to figure out because I have a lot of friends and belong to a lot of groups is how to manage all.
    Like my business is relative to so many groups, when I go to post into a group and schroll down the list of groups it does not let me know where I left off so I end up posting back into a group I have already posted in. The result is I do not get through to all my groups. Is there a way to better manage this?
    Also I do not think you talk about this…but it would be so helpful to know how to start building better business relationships in Facebook.
    And coming back to the groups, I have groups in the UK. Can these be all grouped like UK Groups, Australia Groups etc etc.

  2. Followup.
    I have long wanted someone to Zoom in and take over my controls and and fine tune my settings….there are so many of them OR
    just help me get the CORRECT settings for a business. I would so like to be able to make FB help me grow my business.
    I would be willing to pay you if you could help me with that.