Saving YouTube Videos to Watch Later

Save Videos so you can Watch Them Later

Saving YouTube Videos to Watch Later You’ve heard me mention several times about saving videos to watch later. This is another one of my favorite features. When you come across a video you want to watch but you can’t watch it right then you can save it for later You can save a video to […]

How to Share a YouTube Video

How to Share YouTube Videos with Others

How to Share a YouTube Video Sometimes you come across a video that you just HAVE to share with your family and friends. For these videos there is a share feature on YouTube that allows us to do just that. You can share the video via a social site like Facebook or Twitter or you […]

How to Comment on YouTube Videos

Commenting and liking YouTube Videos

How to Comment on YouTube Videos For those videos you watch and just have to make a statement or ask a question, you’re able to do so in the comment section below each video. You can also show the love to the video creator by giving them a thumbs up or if you disliked the […]

How to Create a YouTube Playlist

Creating a YouTube Playlist

How to Create a YouTube Playlist Playlist allow you to save your favorite songs, videos, TV shows and movies into one place and have them play one right after another. You’re able to share these playlist with the public or keep them private just for you to view or listen to. You can also find […]

Subscribing to YouTube Channels

How to Subscribe to YouTube Channel

Subscribing to YouTube Channels Normally when you hear the word subscribe you might think that means you’re going to have to pay for something that you subscribe to but that couldn’t be further from the truth. On YouTube when you subscribe to someone’s channel you are basically saying that I really like the content they […]

How to Make a New YouTube Channel

Creating your YouTube Channel

How to Make a New YouTube Channel In order to make a YouTube Channel you first have to be signed in to your YouTube Account. Remember, by creating a YouTube Channel you’re unlocking the ability to create playlists, comment on videos and upload your very own videos, only if you want to of course. From […]

Difference Between YouTube Channel vs Account

What is the difference between and YouTube Channel and Account

What is the Difference between a YouTube Account and Channel If you are just wanting to watch some videos, learn a few things, listen to some music or what not then having an account is what you’ll need. If you plan on really getting into YouTube and want to add your own videos then you’ll […]

Navigating YouTube Home Page

Navigating the YouTube Home Page

Navigating the YouTube Home Page From YouTube’s Home page you are able to view Subscriptions, which are the channels you have subscribed to, Playlist which is the list of videos you’ve put together to continuously watch, a History of videos you have watched, the ability to browse channels and so much more. In this video […]

Add Profile Picture to YouTube Account

Add or Update picture on YouTube

Add or Change Profile Picture on YouTube  Add some personality and branding to your Account by adding a profile picture to your YouTube Account. Written Tutorial By adding a photo to your YouTube Account it gives it personality and lets people know that you are real. Adding a Profile Picture is completely optional, but […]

How to Log in and Out of YouTube

How to Log in and out of YouTube

Log in & Out of YouTube Logging in and Out of your YouTube Account is always a great idea especially if you are sharing a computer with others or use an Internet cafe or local library. In this video I’ll show you how simple it is to log in and out of your account. Head […]