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    1. Audrey Ostoyic says:

      Hi Martha,
      I’m so glad you found this to be helpful. Let me know if you run into anything you need a little bit more help with.
      Be Blessed,

  1. Sue Sigsworth says:

    Hello, can you help please?
    I’m taking part in an online course on having more confidence to improve playing musical instruments. One of the requirements is to download a weekly video of a short performance, process it on You Tube and then move it into the forum page of this course.
    The problem is that I accidentally used Channel and now whenever I access You Tube it takes me straight there. It will upload the video but I can’t then access the link to the course. The only links that appear are to Face Book etc. I tried clicking on the video and dropping it there but that just creates a blank video. Is there anything I can do to get out of Channel and just go to the ordinary You Tube site please?

  2. Good day sir/ma..I hope that you are fine?? Pls I would love to probably chat with you 1 on 1…because I wanna learn more about YouTube Management…it is Actually difficult or very simple….I am about to create my own channel now..I know that this isn’t difficult @ all..but what of Aftermath…..This is my WhatsApp no (+2348162601830