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How to Share a YouTube Video

Sometimes you come across a video that you just HAVE to share with your family and friends. For these videos there is a share feature on YouTube that allows us to do just that. You can share the video via a social site like Facebook or Twitter or you can even use email to share it.

Below each video on YouTube, you will find the information about the Channel that it was uploaded to and the option to Add it to your Playlists, Share it, and a few more options.


For the purpose of this video, we will be clicking on ‘Share’.

You will now see several Social Media options to share through. If you select a Social Media platform, you may be prompted to enter your login credentials.

You will then follow the instructions to post onto whichever platform you select.

If you don’t want to share the video via Social Media, you also have the option to share in an email. Type in the email address of who you would like to send it to. Type in an optional comment and click, ‘Send’. You can send it to someone else by clicking on ‘Send Another’.

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