Subscribing to YouTube Channels

How to Subscribe to YouTube Channel

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Subscribing to YouTube Channels

Normally when you hear the word subscribe you might think that means you’re going to have to pay for something that you subscribe to but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

On YouTube when you subscribe to someone’s channel you are basically saying that I really like the content they are uploading and I want to be notified whenever they upload new videos.

In this video, I’ll show you how to subscribe to a channel and make sure you get notified when you’re favorite video creator uploads new videos.

Let’s start by finding Channels that interest you by using the Search Bar to find specific videos.

While you are browsing videos in your search results, you will see video titles. Directly underneath each video’s title, you will see the name of the Channel that has uploaded the video.

Hovering over a Channel name will display a pop-up of that Channel’s detailed information, along with an option to Subscribe.

Subscribing to YouTube Channels

However, if you would like to watch a video before subscribing, go ahead and click on the Video title to watch it.

From that page, you have several ways to Subscribe.

1. Click on Subscribe within the video

2. Click on Subscribe directly under the videos

3. Go to the Channel and Subscribe from there.

If you would like to receive Notifications every time this Channel uploads a new video, go to the channel and click on the Cogwheel next to Subscribed.
(You have to be Subscribed to a Channel to get notifications from them)

Check the box next to ‘Send me all notifications for this channel’ and click Save.

Unsubscribe from a YouTube Channel

If you would like to Unsubscribe to a Channel, you can follow the same 3 steps as above, only your option will now be to ‘Unsubscribe’.


You can find all of the Channels that you have subscribed to by going to the Menu on the top left.

Your Subscriptions will be displayed on the Menu bar and you can easily navigate to any Channel you would like to by clicking on them from the Menu Bar.

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