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How to Block Someone on Facebook

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How to Block Someone on Facebook

No matter what your reason is for wanting to block someone on Facebook, the great thing is…you can. When Blocking someone on Facebook they will no longer be able to:

  • See things you post on your timeline
  • Tag you
  • Invite you to events or groups
  • Start a conversation with you
  • Add you as a friend
This will automatically unfriend that person also if you are friends with them.
Something else to note about Blocking is that you can block anyone on Facebook whether you are friends with them or not.
In the video tutorial below you’ll learn:
>>> How to Block Someone <<<
>>> How to Un-Block Someone <<<
>>> What happens when you Block Someone and <<<
>>> How to Tell if You’ve Been Blocked <<<

Watch the Video Tutorial here:

Written Tutorial

Blocking someone on Facebook – The only way to Block someone on Facebook is to do it from that persons Personal Profile. You can get to their profile by searching their name in the Facebook’s search bar located at the top left of your account.

how to block someone on Facebook


UnBlocking Someone on Facebook – In order to Unblock someone you’ve blocked on Facebook you’ll have to head to your Blocking Settings and click on the Unblock button. To get to those Setting:

  1. Click on the down arrow located at the top right of your account.
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Click on Blocking (located to the left of your screen)
  4. Click on Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock

Unblocking someone on Facebook


What happens when you Block Someone – First of all, when you block someone they are not notified that you blocked them so you don’t have to worry about that. They should not be able to even find your profile page when they use the Search bar on Facebook. It’s like you don’t even exist. However, if you were friends with that person and had commented on some of their post, your name next to that comment will not link to your account. Likewise, if you have mutual friends and you have commented on a mutual friends post, the blocked person will still see your comment bu not be able to click on your name to go to your profile.

link to profile


3 Sure Signs that you’ve been blocked –

  1. As discussed above, you would see that persons name but not be able to click on it to go to their profile. That’s the first sign.
  2. The second sign would be if you if you searched for that persons name in the search bar and couldn’t fine it.
  3. You did find their profile and when you tried to go to it you were given the following sign…

content not available

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