What is a Tweet

Understanding what a Tweet is

Believe it or not there are quite a few actions you can take on just one tweet. From replying to retweeting and embedding to sharing, I’ll show you how to navigate a tweet and everything you can do with it.

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But before we move on I want you to know that every single tweet that you tweet on Twitter is public, unless it is protected by making your Twitter account private.

You can hover over an account name to see a brief summary of that account.

From here, you can unfollow accounts if you want.

On the Tweet, you can see the account name, username, and how long ago the tweet was posted.

Icons at the bottom of the Tweets:
Reply: Click to start a conversation with that account pertaining to that Tweet. They will receive a notification.

Retweet: Clicking this will ‘retweet’ that tweet onto your own timeline. Your followers will now see that tweet on their timeline.

Heart: A way to ‘like’ a Tweet.

Three Dots: Will give you more options.

Share specific tweet with someone via Direct Message.

Copy link to Tweet allows you to share a direct link to that tweet elsewhere, such as an email or other social media such as Facebook.

Embed Tweet allows you to embed that tweet elsewhere such as a website.

Mute removes their Tweets and any future Tweets form your Timeline. You will still be following them.

Block prevents you from seeing their profile and Tweets and vice-versa.

Report allows you to report an account to Twitter if you feel like they are in violation of Twitter’s Rules and Guidelines.

You can also Expand a Tweet to see more information. This will allow you to see information such as how many times it has been retweeted and how many likes it has received. You can see dates and times and also easily reply to that Tweet.

Just Getting Started on Twitter?

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