What is Twitter

What is Twitter and what is it used for? Ahhh Twitter, that social media site that gives you 140 characters to say what you’re thinking, feeling, pondering or doing through what is known as a tweet. https://vimeo.com/156002865 Written Tutorial Twitter gives you the ability to stay up to date with people, topics and things that […]

Log in and out of Twitter

Log in and out of Twitter As with any account on Social Media sites you want to make sure that if you are sharing a computer or are using a public computer that you sign out of your account. You don’t want to leave it open where anyone can access it. https://vimeo.com/156002800 Written Tutorial Log-in […]

Create a New Twitter Account

First thing you’ll need to do is create a Free Twitter Account Creating a new Twitter Account is pretty simple and straightforward however there are quite a bit of steps you’ll have to take. You’ll need your name, cell phone number (not a home phone number, it needs to be a phone that can receive […]