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What is a Like

Liking a post, photo or video is much different than “Liking” a Business Page on Facebook. In this tutorial I’ll explain how the same word on Facebook can actually mean two different things.

Businesses have ‘Pages’ and People have ‘Profiles’

When you see a post in your News Feed, you have the ability to interact in three ways: Like, Comment or Share.

Written Tutorial

Liking a post is a great way to quickly acknowledge a post. Hovering over or clicking on the number of likes will show you who all have also liked that post.

When you ‘like’ a public post, your ‘like’ will be published into the News Feed of all your friends.

Liking a business page

When you visit a business page, you have the option to ‘Like’ their page by clicking the Like button found on their cover photo.

Once you have “Liked” their page, you can click on the little arrow to customize your interaction with them.

Clicking “Get Notifications” will give you a notification every time this Business page makes a status update.

Add to Interest Lists…allows you to group Businesses in Interest Groups where you can quickly view these pages by Interest.

Unlike – When you “Unlike” a Business page you are basically unfollowing their updates and will no longer receive any of their updates in your News Feed. 

Keep in mind, all Business Pages are public, so your likes, comments, and posts to their wall will be visible to all of your friends.

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