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  1. Hi Audrey, ha ha ha… I’m ROFL at your Acronyms just for Seniors!! Especially BYOT! You’ll appreciate this funny (apparently true) story I heard on the radio the other day. A guy lost his false teeth on the dance floor in a club, and only realised it the next morning. That, in itself was funny, I thought. He went back to the club to look for them, and was amazed to find them…. only, as he was putting them back in his mouth, he discovered they were someone else’s dentures! UGH!

    1. sm4bdevadmin says:

      Aren’t they hilarious. When I showed Dad he laughed so hard at some of them. I think I laughed more at him then the acronyms. lol
      That is funny about the dentures. My question is, what “club” was he at? Just picturing an older gentlemen in one of the clubs here in the Untied States and that picture alone is hilarious. But to find out that there were at least 2 older people there, this club had to have been for Seniors or something.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

      Be Blessed,