Dads advice on overcoming mental blocks

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In this Napoleon’s Idiot Episode my Dad has waited a loooong time to watch me overcome one of the biggest mental blocks I have put on myself.

That mental block of not thinking I can do something.

Dad was not able to get on the video to record this week’s episode of Napoleon’s Idiot because he had a pretty bad fall that dislocated his shoulder, broke his nose, and gave him two black eyes.

Can’t say that I blame him for not wanting to get on camera.

Praise God he is alright and they did not have to do surgery on his shoulder and were able to put that sucker back in the socket.

We had recorded this a while back when I finished putting together a marketing piece (graphic design work) that took me hours to do. After putting it together I sent it to Dad and he called me up right away and asked if I would record his feedback to me.

You see when putting together the Facebook Course and Skype Course here at Social Media 4 Beginners I looked at so many other video tutorials and got so discouraged because you can tell they have a team of people that help them.

From graphic designers to web development folks and Internet Marketing to E-mail Marketing gurus and here I sit having to do everything myself. (Not quite there yet to be able to hire that team but God willing it’s coming soon).

When I wanted a graphic design piece done that explains what Napoleon’s Idiot Series is about, I knew what I wanted in my mind but I did not have the confidence in myself to be able to create it on the computer.

I was in a rut and my beautiful, wonderfully talented, graphic design extraordinaire and sister of mine was not around to help me, so I had no other choice than to just jump in and use the tools I had in order to create what my mind saw.

I don’t have any of the fancy photo editing software like Photoshop (had it on my Macbook Pro but that took a crash and now have a PC) so for this piece I actually used the FREE online photo editing site PicMonkey to create this graphic.

The only bad thing about using the site is that once you save the image and close the browser you can’t go back and change anything. 🙁

Just so happened that I was pretty pleased with the graphic and thank God I did not make any spelling mistakes so I didn’t have to change anything.

But here is the final graphic I came up with:

Graphic Design work I did to overcome my mental block

I think the biggest take away is that we all do put mental blocks on ourselves and it’s time we tore those blocks down and quit saying “I can’t” and use the tools we have to say, “I did it!”

Figure out which mental blocks you’ve been placing on yourself and why not start chipping away at them by doing one thing you haven’t had the confidence to do and then share it with me in the comments below.

I’d love to celebrate with you as you crush those mental block and overcome them.

Be Blessed,

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