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How to Send an Instant Message (IM) on Skype

Instant Messaging or IM for short, simply put, is a way to instantly communicate through text with a person. Unlike email, instant messaging gives you the ability to know if the other person is sitting in front of the computer receiving your messages or not. If they are, they can reply instantly.

Written Tutorial

Find the person that you would like to send a message to and tap on their name on the left-hand side of your screen.

Over to the right is where you can see the conversations you’ve had with that contact.

Instant Messaging Desktop

In order to send them a message you would simply click within the box that says “Type a message here” and start typing your message. When you’re done you can either press the enter key on your keyboard or the blue looking airplane.

Sending the instant message

You’ll notice when the person is typing back because it will say “So and So is typing…” When they send you their reply you’ll see it to the left in the conversation window while you’re replies are to the right.

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