Download and Install Skype to Desktop

How to Download and Install Skype on Desktop

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Download and Install Skype to Desktop Computer

I want you to think of Downloading and installing a program like you would replacing an appliance in your home. You go to the store, find what you want and have it delivered to your house. You now have that appliance but it’s not ready to use until you install it right? That’s how downloading and installing work.

[Skype is a communication tool that allows you to connect with the people you want to and need to connect with. 

You can use this free platform to connect with family and friends around the world, host meetings for your business, train and teach others in the comfort of your own home and lots more.

You find a program you want to use, whether it be free or you have to pay for it and you download it on your computer THEN you install it so you can start using the program.

So now let’s jump in and I’ll walk you through downloading Skype and then installing it so you can start using it.

How to download Skype for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1) on your Desktop

  1. Head over to

  2. Click on Downloads button (located at the top of the website)Download Skype to Computer
  3. Select Get Skype for Windows DesktopGet Skype for Windows Desktop
  4. Choose Yes, allow the following program to make changes to this computerUser Account Control
  5. Save file to the folder you want to save it to (Remember where you saved it for future use)
  6. Double click the SkypeSetup.exe file located at the bottom left of your screenSkype Setup
  7. Select your Language – If you want Skype to start automatically keep the check mark beside Run Skype when the computer starts.Choose where Skype should be installed Make sure Create desktop icon is checkedPersonal Information
  8. Mark Install Skype Click to Call and hit ContinueSettings
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