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How to Send a Private Message on Twitter

Private messaging is always nice on any Social Media Platform you are on. It’s a great way to communicate with someone on a more personal level.However, on Twitter you are only allowed to send private messages to those accounts that follow you.

And even though Twitter has private messaging you are still limited in the number of characters like 140 characters that you can send to that person.

There are 2 ways to send a Private Message


From the homepage, you can click on the Messages tab to begin a conversation.

Click on send a Direct Message and type in the name of the person you would like to message.


Select the person and click ‘Next’.


Begin typing your message in the bottom text box.


When you are done, click ‘Send’!



You can also send a Private Message to someone from their profile, but only if that person is following you.



If you receive a PM or receive a response, you will get a notification in your Messages tab.

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