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  1. Miguel Perez says:

    Do any of the above listed tablets are able to use as a cell phone device like the Grandpad ??? Please give info Thank You – a concerned Senior in need of help !!

    1. Audrey Ostoyic says:

      Great Question Miquel! Looking over the tablets it looks like you can now use Alexa to make free phone/video calls and send messages with SOME Android, iPad and Amazon Fire tablets. To be honest, I think the Grandpad might be the best bet for you if you are looking for a tablet that can also make phone calls. With the newer tablets that are listed, you can make phone calls but you would have to add apps to the tablet and probably do some workarounds whereas the Grandpad already comes set-up.

      I hope that helps!

    2. Anne Feldman says:

      I am interested in the Grandpad too and wondering if the seniors who have one have liked this. Our senior has had a stroke and so the left arm, hand is weak but i still think it will exoand her universe. Any comments woukd be appreciated

      1. Audrey Ostoyic says:

        Hi there Anne,
        I am so sorry I did not see this comment until just now. I’m sure you probably have already gotten a tablet but I’m really hoping whatever tablet you ended up with, your loved one was able to use it and enjoy it. If you did go with the Grandpad, how do they like it?
        Be Blessed,

  2. Hello,
    I’m looking for a 9-10 inch Tablet for my 70 yr old father. This Tablet must be simple, easy to use with LARGE icons. Well, here’s my dilemma midst “Google” searching.
    We are looking for:
    1) Only 5-10 Large Icons, similar to the Grandpad.
    2) Integrated LTE (cell phone like) device. Again, similar to Grandpad

    3) YouTube icon
    4) Google icon
    5) Skype icon (or some sort of ‘face-chat’ icon)
    That’s it!

    Note: My father is NOT computer savvy.
    However, he loves YouTube & Google searches.

    In a nutshell, ‘GrandPad’ with a larger screen & internet.

    Does such device exists?…..or even come close?

    1. Audrey Ostoyic says:

      Hi there Ms. Kay,
      I think the closest you’re going to get to what your Father needs is going to be the Grandpad. Because it is designed for the elderly and has the largest icons that I know of on the market. However, I do know that the newer iPad allows you to clear the Home Screen and only put the icons on there that your Dad would be using. You can’t make them very large but if they are the only ones on the screen that might help some. I really wish there were more choices but I think the Grandpad might be the way to go.
      Be Blessed,