The Best Tablet for Seniors May Not be What you Expected

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What is the best tablet for seniors you ask?

This question right here is probably one of the most asked questions when teaching our Social Media Courses and computer classes at Assisted Living Facilities they always want to know what sort of tablet they should buy?

Now for me, I love my iPad and I’ve seen a lot of other Seniors using their iPads during training so I was suggesting they get the iPad.

However, when I shared with my Dad what sort of tablet I was suggesting he told me I was wrong!!

You can imagine that I was a little taken back by his statement but like any smart (favorite) daughter would do I asked him why he thought that?

His answer was BRILLIANT!!!

Raymond Ross aka Napoleons IdiotNow before I give you his answer I want to first let you know a little bit about my Dad.

Dad is 78 years old, he lives in a Retirement home in Gulfport, MS and has used our courses here at Social Media 4 Beginners to teach the residents how to use the Social Media sites like Facebook and Skype.

He has also taught them how to use a computer, email for the first time, how the Internet works and how to get online.

The one thing though that Dad lacks is a tablet himself (UPDATE: Dad now has the iPad too) but he knows their frustrations and fears so his answer was on point and something I had never thought about before.

A little side note, if you do purchase one of these tablets please be sure to check out our post about the tablet accessories that you can’t live without.

And the best tablet for a senior…

… the tablet that your family members or friends have of course!

Based on Dad’s experience with people in the Retirement home where he lives he gave me this feedback on the video below. Check it out when you get a chance. 

UPDATE for 2020: Dad still says the best tablet is the one that your friends and family can help you sit. 

I know you were waiting for this big reveal but it truly is that simple and brilliant. Why is that?

Because when you get stuck and don’t know what to do or where to go, you have people that know that tablet and can give you the help you need. If you get a tablet that your family or even friends are not familiar with, you’ll be stuck because they won’t be familiar with your tablet and can’t help.

Whereas, if you have a tablet that your children, grandchildren, neighbor or friend have then when you have a question you’ll have more people you can go to that can help you figure things out.

Think about the smartphone if already have one


What type of Cell phone do you have?Another thing to keep in mind when buying a tablet is what kind of phone do you have?

Do you already have a smartphone that you’re familiar with?

If so, you’ll probably want to stick with the same operating system that you have. For instance, if you have an iPhone (iOS) that you are familiar with you wouldn’t want to buy an Android tablet because it has a completely different operating system.

Then of course if you are familiar with the Android devices like the Samsung or Motorola you wouldn’t want to have to learn a new operating system by purchasing the iPad.

To avoid confusion and have your smartphone and tablet work in harmony I highly recommend you stick with the same operating system for both of them.

Trust me, it will save you from a lot of headaches, tears, and frustrations.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge and wisdom you should have a better idea as to which tablet will be best for you or your loved one.

After researching quite a bit, Dad and I found what the most popular tablets are on the market today and we have listed them here for you to view.

This list is not inclusive so if you have a tablet that you feel is just as popular as the rest let us know in the comments below. We will be adding tablets (and removed if need be) as the market shifts and new tablets come out.

Also, the list below is just meant to be a starting point for you, it’s not meant to be an exhaustive list of features and reviews.

Top 4 Most Popular Tablets on the Market (2020)

(Remember to read the reviews before you purchase any tablet for yourself or as a present for a senior)

Fire Tablets (Engineered by Amazon)

Amazon’s Tablets are offered in three different sizes with the option to choose between HD display, storage size, colors and more.

Fire 7 Tablet

Display Size: 7-inch
Color: Black, Magenta, Blue, Tangerine
Memory: 8GB, 16GB (expandable by up to 200GB)
Operating System: Android

All-New: Fire HD 8 (#1 Release)

Display Size: 8-inch
Color: Black, Magenta, Blue, Tangerine
Memory: 16GB,  32GB (expandable by up to 200GB)
Operating System: Android

Fire HD 10

Display Size: 10.1-inch
Color: Black, White, Silver Aluminum
Memory: 16GB, 32GB & 64GB (expandable by up to 200GB)
Operating System: Android

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Make sure whichever one you purchase has a WARRANTY on it)

Samsung galaxy tab

Display Size: 8.0-inch & 9.7-inch
Color: Black, White, Gold,
Memory:3 GB – 32 GB Internal Memory with up to 128 GB micro SD
Operating System: Android

Things you as a buyer need to know when buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab s2: When doing the research we ran across quite a few listings that said factory unlocked and what that means is that tablet is not locked down to any specific carrier like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobil or Verizon.

So you should be able to purchase this tablet and use it on whatever phone carrier you’re with.

However, please check with your carrier BEFORE you buy so that you’re not stuck with a tablet that you can’t use outside of your home.

Also, make sure that there is a warranty on your Samsung because some of the listings do not offer a warranty and a few people got the bad end of the stick.

Apple iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini)

Apple ipads for seniors

iPad Pro

Display Size: 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch
Color: Silver, Space Gray, Gold (Rose Gold is available on the 9.7-inch only)
Memory: 32GB, 128GB, 256GB
Operating System: iOS

iPad Air 2

Display Size: 9.7-inch
Color: Silver, Space Gray, Gold
Memory: 16GB,  32GB & 128GB
Operating System: iOS

iPad Mini 4

Display Size: 7.9-inch
Color: Silver, Space Gray, Gold
Memory: 16GB, 32GB & 128GB
Operating System: iOS

iPad Mini 2

Display Size: 7.9-inch
Color: Silver, Space Gray
Memory: 16GB, 32GB
Operating System: iOS

Asus ZenPad

Asus zenpad

Asus ZenPad S 8

Display Size: 8.0-inch
Color: Black, White
Memory: 32GB, 64GB (support up to 128GB SDHC)
Operating System: Android

Asus ZenPad 10

Display Size: 10.1-inch
Color: Dark Grey, Black, White, Midnight Blue
Memory: 16GB
Operating System: Android

There you have it!

That wraps up this post. I truly hope it helped you in deciding which tablet will be best for you or your loved one.

Is there a tablet you would recommend for seniors? If so please let us know in the comments below. We are all in this new technology together and if there is something out there that others can benefit from we want to share it.

Remember, we’re all learning together! 

Y’all Be Blessed,


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6 Responses

  1. Do any of the above listed tablets are able to use as a cell phone device like the Grandpad ??? Please give info Thank You – a concerned Senior in need of help !!

    1. Great Question Miquel! Looking over the tablets it looks like you can now use Alexa to make free phone/video calls and send messages with SOME Android, iPad and Amazon Fire tablets. To be honest, I think the Grandpad might be the best bet for you if you are looking for a tablet that can also make phone calls. With the newer tablets that are listed, you can make phone calls but you would have to add apps to the tablet and probably do some workarounds whereas the Grandpad already comes set-up.

      I hope that helps!

    2. I am interested in the Grandpad too and wondering if the seniors who have one have liked this. Our senior has had a stroke and so the left arm, hand is weak but i still think it will exoand her universe. Any comments woukd be appreciated

      1. Hi there Anne,
        I am so sorry I did not see this comment until just now. I’m sure you probably have already gotten a tablet but I’m really hoping whatever tablet you ended up with, your loved one was able to use it and enjoy it. If you did go with the Grandpad, how do they like it?
        Be Blessed,

  2. Hello,
    I’m looking for a 9-10 inch Tablet for my 70 yr old father. This Tablet must be simple, easy to use with LARGE icons. Well, here’s my dilemma midst “Google” searching.
    We are looking for:
    1) Only 5-10 Large Icons, similar to the Grandpad.
    2) Integrated LTE (cell phone like) device. Again, similar to Grandpad

    3) YouTube icon
    4) Google icon
    5) Skype icon (or some sort of ‘face-chat’ icon)
    That’s it!

    Note: My father is NOT computer savvy.
    However, he loves YouTube & Google searches.

    In a nutshell, ‘GrandPad’ with a larger screen & internet.

    Does such device exists?…..or even come close?

    1. Hi there Ms. Kay,
      I think the closest you’re going to get to what your Father needs is going to be the Grandpad. Because it is designed for the elderly and has the largest icons that I know of on the market. However, I do know that the newer iPad allows you to clear the Home Screen and only put the icons on there that your Dad would be using. You can’t make them very large but if they are the only ones on the screen that might help some. I really wish there were more choices but I think the Grandpad might be the way to go.
      Be Blessed,

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