How to Delete a Photo on Facebook

In this Video Tutorial I show you how you can delete a photo on Facebook and how to delete an Album. There are some photos on Facebook you are not able to delete so watch the video as I explain which photos you can delete and which ones you’re not able to. Share4PinTweetShareEmail4 Shares

Sending Files or Pictures using Skype (Windows 8)

In this Napoleon’s Idiot Series I walk my Dad through the process of sending a file, image or video through Skype. Skype is a great tool to catch up with your loved ones by seeing them face to face and being able to share photos with them as well. It’s also great for Businesses that […]

Tagging Photos: What does it mean, How to tag them and how to delete a tag

In this Napoleon’s Idiot Episode my Dad is trying to tag his grandchildren (all under the age of 12) on a photo my sister uploaded. What he didn’t realize is that when you tag someone on Facebook you are creating a link to their personal profile and since none of these young grand children have […]

Stop getting notified every time a friend post something on Facebook

Napoleon’s Idiot Series Episode 1: Stop getting notified every time a friend post something on Facebook. My daughter recently made a new Facebook account and requested her PopPop, my Dad, as a friend. When he accepted her friendship he didn’t realize that he would be getting notifications every time she posted something. Watch as I […]

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook

In this Video Tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps to send a Private Message to someone on Facebook. You’ll also learn about Instant Messaging, Group Messages and your Other Inbox on Facebook that you probably didn’t even know you had. SharePinTweetShareEmail0 Shares

How to change Profile Picture and Cover Photo on Facebook

Video Tutorial In this video tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps of uploading/updating both your profile picture as well as your cover photo on Facebook. Written Tutorial Uploading/ Updating a Profile Picture Whether you are uploading your first profile picture or changing it out, you will take the same steps for each of these tasks. […]