8 Safety Tips for those just starting to use Email

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Safety Tips for emailYour parents, grandparents or Aunts and Uncles have just ventured online and their first order of business is to create an email account. You know that more than 75 percent of email messages sent over the Internet are spam so what sort of Safety Tips are you going to share with them before they start emailing?

8 Safety Tips I would tell my Parents or Grandparents when first using email:

1. Install an Antivirus Software on your computer and keep it up to date.

The folks over at PCMag.com do an outstanding job comparing the different software and in this article they recommended the following top Antivirus Software:

2. Don’t click on ANY links within an email

Unless you are 100 percent sure that it’s coming from a trusted source like a loved one or a brand you’ve subscribed to receive coupons from. But even then, call that person up and ask where that link will take you because sometime those spammers can make it look like it’s coming from your loved ones or a brand and it’s really not. They are tricky that way.

3. Along the lines of #1 – Don’t open any attachments unless you know they were sent from a trusted source.

Attachments are computer files like a photo or a document that are sent through emails. Once again those spammers can make it look like it’s coming from someone you know and trust but it’s not. The attachment could contain malware which can basically damage your computer and put email viruses on it.

4. Never share any of your personal information through email.

If you get an email that looks like it was sent from a reputable company like your Bank, Paypal or a Credit Card company and it’s asking you to update your account information or telling you that you must do so and so before a certain date DON’T do it. This is a phishing scam where these scammers are looking to gather all your information and make your life a living hell. If you get an email like this CALL that business to find out what is going on.

5. If you get an email requesting you send money DON’T DO IT!!!

There are some pretty elaborate emails that I’ve seen since 97’ that pull on your heart strings and some that have appeared to come from loved ones asking for money. Before sending money call up that person and ask them if they really do need the money and for God’s sake don’t send money to someone you don’t know and have never met face to face.

6. Use extreme caution when purchasing products from an email.

I’ve subscribed to brands like Michaels, Bed Bath and Beyond, Rue 21 and other brands to receive emails for coupons or specials they may be having but there are spammers out there that can make it look like the email is coming from these brands when in fact they are not. I usually mouse over the link that is within the email to see if it’s going to take me to that brands website. If it is then I’ll click on it and get me some savings. If not…I delete the email and smile because I know I just out smarted a spammer.

7. Use a strong password and right it down!

My passwords are always lower and upper case, I’ll switch out letters for characters like my S’s I’ll use the dollar sign or for an I I’ll use the Exclamation Mark. I’ll also use numbers as well.

8. One last thing I would tell them is don’t forward me those chain emails!

You know those ones that say if you don’t send to 20 people something bad will happen? It doesn’t work and sometimes those emails are just another means for spammers to attack.

There you have it! Is there something else you would like to add to this list that may help those that are just starting out with Email? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it to the list.

Y’all Be Blessed,

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