Ultimate Learning Package

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No more overwhelm and frustration for you.

Our (4) 1-Hour Session hands-on-training package is tailored for those baby boomers and seniors who are looking to really dive into a particular social media platform.
In these personalized, hour-long sessions, you’ll learn to navigate Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more, transforming online overwhelm into online engagement.

Choose from Zoom or Skype for our video calls, and enjoy the journey from digital confusion to digital confidence. Each session is recorded, offering you a valuable resource to revisit.

With a 10% discount, this package is a perfect opportunity for you to master social media, keeping you connected and engaged in the this digital age.

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Transform Your Digital Experience: 4-Session Coaching Package for Seniors

This special package is specifically designed for those baby boomers & seniors who really want to learn all they can about a particular social media platform.

Over the course of four personalized, 1-hour sessions, you’ll explore the digital platforms that matter most to you—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more, all at your own pace. Choose between Zoom or Skype for your video calls, and enjoy hands-on learning tailored to overcome your specific challenges and ignite your digital curiosity.

What This Package Offers You:

  • Personalized Attention: Across four sessions, we’ll tackle your digital hurdles one by one, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to navigate the web with ease.
  • Flexibility and Comfort: Whether you’re a Zoom aficionado or a Skype newcomer, we cater to your comfort level, even offering free courses to get you started.
  • Continuous Learning: Each session builds on the last, reinforcing your knowledge and introducing new skills in a supportive, understanding environment.
  • A Lasting Resource: Receive recordings of all your sessions, providing a valuable reference to revisit as you continue to explore and learn.

This package isn’t just about learning—it’s about enriching your life with the endless possibilities that digital literacy brings. Connect with loved ones, discover new interests, and participate in the global community, all with the confidence that comes from truly understanding how to navigate the digital landscape.

Special Offer: Book this transformative 4-session package now and enjoy a 10% discount, making your journey into digital empowerment not only rewarding but also affordable.

Take the next step towards digital freedom and empowerment—book your package today and start a journey that will expand your world.


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