Navigating Your iPad

Navigating your iPad like a pro

Navigate Your iPad Like a Pro Learn about apps, WiFi, the dock, adding your favorite apps to the dock and much more. Written Tutorial Previous Lesson

iPad Gestures

Learning the iPad gestures

Understanding the iPad Gestures If you’re new to this type of technology it can be very frustrating trying to maneuver a touch screen. You’ll learn all about the different iPad gestures you’ll need to know before you are proficient with a touch screen device. Written Tutorial In this Video Tutorial, you’ll learn how to make […]

Learning the iPad buttons

Learning the iPad buttons

Learning all about the iPad Buttons From powering your iPad on and off to the volume controls and power source, you’ll learn all about the buttons on your brand new iPad. Written Tutorial When you first get your iPad it can be very overwhelming trying to figure out what each button does. In this video […]

Initial iPad Set up

Initial iPad set up

Let’s get your iPad set-up specifically for you. Setting up your iPad the right way from the beginning will make your iPad experience that much more enjoyable. Written Tutorial If you’re setting up your first iOS device, ie the iPad then you’ll want to follow the steps in the video to walk you through step […]

Introduction to the iPad

An introduction to the iPad

Introduction to Your iPad  What is the iPad, what can you do with it and what are the different types of iPad you can purchase. Find out all of this and more in this Video Tutorial. Written Tutorial When it comes to the iPad you have four different iPads you can choose from. The iPad […]