Growing up I always heard my Dad refer to Napoleon’s Idiot but I never quite understood who he was or why it was significant…until now.

Dad explains Napoleon’s Idiot:

So, now you can see how the story of Napoleon’s Idiot actually benefits YOU when taking either the Skype Course or Facebook Course offered on this site.

I run every video by my dad and if he understands what is being taught then you are golden. However, if I did not do a good job explaining it…back to the recording studio I go.

These courses are for YOU, the beginner and my heart’s desire is for you to no longer be confused or frustrated with the different Social Media sites. I want you to enjoy them and reconnect with family and friends the way I have.

But, we’ve taken Napoleon’s Idiot one step further!!!

We will be doing weekly episodes where you get to watch me teach my Dad how to use Social Media sites. The best thing of all…you’re going to be learning in the process too.

Don’t miss an episode

Here is what’s going to happen. Dad and I are going to jump on Skype and he will be asking me how to do different things on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even Skype. You will get to watch me as I show him how to do these things and then every Tuesday we will be uploading a new Episode to our YouTube Channel.

If you would like to be notified when these videos are available to be sure to Subscribe to our Channel and we’ll send out notifications every time a new episode is added.

If you have any questions that you would like to watch me walk my Dad through, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to do an Episode on your question and walk you through it.

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