Secure Your Facebook Account With These 10 Actions |

Working in the online world since 1996, Melissa and I have seen our share of scams!

In this guide we walk you through 10 actions you can take on Facebook right now that will greatly reduce your risk of being hacked or scammed and will help to secure your account.

Did you know that of the over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users Worldwide, there are 83 million of those that are fake profiles? (Source: CNN)


Pretty Crazy Huh?


Now keep in mind that not ALL of them are scammers trying to hack into your account, some are profiles that include people, like myself, that are testing and researching things on Facebook as well as maybe celebrities that are trying to keep some sort of privacy.


Whatever the case may be, each one of us need to do our due diligence and keep our Facebook Accounts as safe and secure as we possibly can.


This Step-by-Step guide will do just that!


These quick and easy to follow actions can be taken immediately to help Secure your Facebook Account from being hacked!


In addition to the actions Melissa and I take with our accounts, we also asked hundreds of our fans and friends on Facebook what steps/actions they take to secure their account and have included those within this guide as well.


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Have you ever performed a Privacy Checkup on your Account? Did you even know there was such a thing?


Facebook added this little feature back in 2014 and in this guide you’ll learn how to use it to stay safe on Facebook and protect your account from those that


Here is a sample page of what you’ll find within this guide


Don’t let another day go by without learning how to use Facebook safely and securely!


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