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Class Dear Grandparents, Parents, Siblings and anyone who has family they can't see often: Do your children or grandchildren live hundreds or thousands of miles away and you wish you could see them more often? This is for you. Do you live in an assisted living facility and can't travel like you used to but miss your family and friends? This is for you! Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with technology and feel like you are bothering others when you ask for help? This is also for you! Lastly…do you feel lonely and isolated and left out… THIS is for you! Families rarely live in close proximity the way they did in days past. Career opportunities, military service and life choices take people to destinations all over the globe and far way from their hometowns. But thanks to technology, the world is a smaller place where staying in contact is concerned, and one way you can talk to and see friends and family – no matter how far away they may be – is with Skype and at the touch of just a few buttons.
Does the prospect of learning new technology leave you feeling a little bit frustrated, confused, or frightened? Not everyone grew up using computers. Lots of folks find the prospect of learning new technology just a little bit frightening, confusing and frustrating. Many of our customers say they feel “stuck” because they don't have computer-savvy friends or family who can show them how to use today’s modern communication applications (called “apps”) like Skype. That’s why we have created this program that will teach you to use Skype – in simple steps, using regular language and in a video that you can go back and watch as many times as you need for reminders whenever you need them! Being able to see your growing grandchildren, staying in touch with old friends – and see them laugh as well as hear them – is so liberating!

Let us show you how easy it is!

Watch every step you need to take for agreat opt in offer through this video class
It doesn't matter how computer savvy you are or aren't for that matter. All of our courses are taught with the beginner in mind. After spending years trying to talk our dad through computer issues we knew the only way to offer our courses was with hands-on, easy to follow, easy to understand, (no tech talk here) video tutorials that walk you through the process step-by-step. Skype is a valuable tool that we use everyday. Not only do we use it to stay in touch and see our loved ones we also use it in many of our training videos.
We don't want you to miss another moment because your family and friends live too far away to travel to.

Here’s everything you will get when you sign up today:

  • What is Skype?
  • Download and install Skype
  • Create a Skype Account
  • Log in and out of Skype
  • Change your profile picture
  • Find friends and family on Skype
  • Make a video call
  • Use the Chat feature on Skype
  • No credit card required for this free course
  1. Will this class be an upsell for a very high priced membership or enhanced training class?

    Is that why it’s FREE? Great question! The answer is NO! It will not be an upsell for a higher priced product. While we do offer courses for other social media platforms that we feel would be helpful, you are not obligated to purchase them. We do not even take your credit card when you sign up to take our FREE Skype Course. This is our gift to you because we have seen first had the benefits of connecting people to the people they love and miss.
  2. Do I have to have a certain computer or operating system to take this course?

    No. This course is available on any platform
  3. Will I be able to call and see my family and friends when I am done with this course?

    Yes! If you have followed all of the steps and have some available to take your call you should be chatting away with your loved one today.

Join Audrey TODAY as she walks you through downloading, installing and using Skype to make your first video call!

Don't miss that next big moment in a loved ones life. Let’s get started!


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