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Do you ever feel like you keep seeing the same friends and business pages post on your Facebook Newsfeed? Maybe you are feeling like you are missing posts from friends and family? Chances are…you are! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to change your Facebook newsfeed to see your friends’ most recent posts so you don’t miss any important posts from your friends anf family again!

Written Tutorial

Top Stories vs Most Recent

A lot of people may not know this but Facebook gives you the option to choose between seeing Top Stories or Most Recent on you News Feed.

The “Top Stories” are those posts that are currently getting the most engagement.Facebook wants you to be an active member on the the social network, so the way to do this is by showing you those posts first in your Newsfeed. When you switch to Most Recent, you will begin to see friends’ posts that you haven’t seen in a while.

How to Change Your Facebook Newsfeed to See Your Friends Most Recent Posts

Hop onto your Facebook account and I will show you how to do this!

From your newsfeed, you are going to go to your left hand side menu, and fine News Feed followed by three dots. Whenever you see the three dots, it means that there is a menu behind there. Click on the dots.

You will see three options “Top Stories”, “Most Recent” and “Edit Preferences”. I am almost sure that right now on your news feed, you are seeing the Top Stories. This means that you are only seeing stuff that friends of business posted that is getting engagment. Facebook, being a social media platform, is going to show you what is popular. If a person or a business are posting a lot and they are getting a lot of engagement on their posts, Facebook will show you these posts.

If you click on Most Recent, your newsfeed will refresh and you will start seeing posts from friends and pages that you haven’t seen in a while.


Not seeing your friends on your News Feed?

A small extra tip…

If you have noticed that you have a friend that you are no longer seeing on your newsfeed, that means that you haven’t engaged with that person for a while and so Facebook decided that it is not a prioirity to show you their posts.

The best way to start seeing your friends posts again, is by visiting that person’s timeline! Facebook will see that you are in fact engaging with this person and will start showing you their posts and vice-versa, your posts will be start to pop up on their news feed too!

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