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How to edit or delete messages on Skype (Windows 8 Desktop)

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August 13, 2015
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How to edit or delete messages on Skype (Windows 8 Desktop)

How to edit or delete messages from Skype

60 Minutes! That’s all you have in order to edit or delete a message you have sent on Skype. Dad and I both wondered how you could delete messages on Skype and after a little digging we figured it out. Not only did we figure it out but we also learned something else in the process.

This method is different than deleting a whole conversation and only works with messages you have sent to a recipient within the last 60 minutes!

Watch the Napoleons Idiot Episode below:

Written Tutorial on How to Edit or Delete Messages on Skype

1. Mouse over the message you sent that you want to edit or delete

2. To Edit Message choose Edit Message then click in the message box and change what you want to change

3. To Delete a message choose Remove Message and then click Remove (Keep in mind that the person you sent the message to will see that your message was removed)

Edit or Delete Message on Skype


Delete History of Messages from Skype

CAUTION: When you delete your history it will delete ALL traces of previous conversations including instant Messages, SMS, calls, voice messages and file transfers. This is every one of your conversations you’ve ever had within the time period you’ve chosen.

1. Click Tools > Options

2. Choose IM & SMS > IM Settings



3. Choose how long you want to keep your History for and then click Clear History.



There you have it! Do you know of another way you can delete your messages on Skype? Especially be able to delete a message and not have it show that you deleted it? If so, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to update this post so we keep everyone informed.

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  1. Nick says:

    ….I want to delete my friends messages on Skype, just one part of his message, how do I do it?

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