Log In and Out of Skype

How to log in and out of Skype

How to Log In and Out of Skype Logging In and Out of Skype is a safe idea especially if you are sharing a computer with others. In this video tutorial you’ll see just how easy it is to log in and out of your Skype account Written Tutorial To Log in to Skype you […]

Download and Install Skype to Desktop

How to Download and Install Skype on Desktop

Download and Install Skype to Desktop Computer I want you to think of Downloading and installing a program like you would replacing an appliance in your home. You go to the store, find what you want and have it delivered to your house. You now have that appliance but it’s not ready to use until […]

What is Skype

What is Skype and How can you use it to stay connected to family and friends

What is Skype Skype gives you the opportunity to see your loved ones or friends from around the world in real time through your computer, tablet or phone. With screen sharing, file sharing, and group video, Skype is also a great tool for your Business. Written Tutorial All the things you can do with Skype […]

How to delete messages on Skype for Desktop

60 Minutes! That’s all you have in order to edit or delete a message you have sent on Skype. Dad and I both wondered how you could delete messages on Skype and after a little digging we figured it out. Not only did we figure it out but we also learned something else in the process. […]