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Touch Screen Stylus Pen

Touch Screen Stylus Pen

A Touch Screen Stylus Pen - The #1 Accessory EVERY Senior Needs For Their Device What is a Stylus Pen for Touch Screen Devices? I could give you the technical definition of a stylus pen but I think it's best if I put it in my own words. A Stylus Pen works by touch or...

How to Block Someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook

No matter what your reason is for wanting to know how to block someone on Facebook, the great thing is...you can. When Blocking someone on Facebook they will no longer be able to: See things you post on your timeline Tag you Invite you to events or groups Start a...

Best Large Print Keyboards for Seniors using PC’s

Best Large Print Keyboards for Seniors using PC’s

Dad and I have been working on putting together some tips for our clients on how to have a successful training class. In the process, we realized that one of the most important tips we can give is the type of software and hardware we use for our Hands on Training...

How to delete messages on Skype for Desktop

How to delete messages on Skype for Desktop

60 Minutes! That's all you have in order to edit or delete a message you have sent on Skype. Dad and I both wondered how you could delete messages on Skype and after a little digging we figured it out. Not only did we figure it out but we also learned something else...

8 Safety Tips for those just starting to use Email

Your parents, grandparents or Aunts and Uncles have just ventured online and their first order of business is to create an email account. You know that more than 75 percent of email messages sent over the Internet are spam so what sort of Safety Tips are you going to...

Dads advice on overcoming mental blocks

In this Napoleon's Idiot Episode my Dad has waited a loooong time to watch me overcome one of the biggest mental blocks I have put on myself. That mental block of not thinking I can do something that I don't have  be able to fill me up with his wisdom when it comes to...

5 Steps to take before confirming that Friend Request on Facebook

DON'T BECOME A SCAMMED VICTIM! When I first joined Facebook back in 2006 I remember the elation when I started receiving Friend Request from friends I hadn't seen since the day we Graduated High School. When those Friend Request came in I quickly accepted their...

How to Share a Link on Facebook

In this episode of Napoleon's Idiot, Dad wanted to share a link on Facebook so one of his friends could see the Napoleon's Idiot Series. So I walk him through copying the link, pasting it into his status update and sharing it with his friends on Facebook.

How to Change your cover photo on Facebook (Including Dimensions)

Changing your cover photo on Facebook is super simple...if you know where to go to change it! Facebook doesn't do a very good job making it obvious but once you know where to go you'll understand why I say it's super simple. First things first...head over to you...

How to Delete a Photo on Facebook

In this Video Tutorial I show you how you can delete a photo on Facebook and how to delete an Album. There are some photos on Facebook you are not able to delete so watch the video as I explain which photos you can delete and which ones you're not able to.

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